• Alison Rose

Inspirations From Abroad

Spending time in the UK and Europe has been the most inspiring 2 months in my life. Such variety … from perfect glass baubles to warring gnomes, delightful!

Miniature di vetro was an exhibition I saw in Venice that featured miniature works from glass artisans of Murano from the last 50 years. The lighting was superb! Creating shadows just as interesting as the ‘bomboniera’ themselves. I love this shadow spill!

Warhammer has been my one of son’s interest for a couple of years – so off to the museum in Derby we go. I adore the detail and patience that goes into creating and painting these tiny figures.

Creative work by amazing artisans and tacky tourist trinkets, beauty can be found in the expected or simply surprise you from anywhere. Even at lunch time. The Gooseberry relish was yummy and what fabulous packaging!

Note to self – As much as my trip was wonderful, I needn’t go to the other side of the world to be inspired. Going outside the usual places and spaces can move the creative spirit!

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